“Shocking” Pet Owner Survey Results

According to YouGov, over half of us have “lengthy” conversations with our dogs and cats . . . and the jaw-droppers don’t end there.  See what we mean with today’s list of “Shocking” Pet Owner Survey Results.

  • 45% open-mouth kiss their dog.
  • 55% lie about open-mouth kissing their dog.
  • 78% of cat owners own two or more albums by Adele.
  • 91% admit their ferret isn’t the chick magnet they thought it would be.
  • 51% say their snake could be dead and they wouldn’t know it.
  • 81% overestimate how cool they look with their parrot on their shoulder.
  • 59% have nobody in their life to show their lizard to.
  • 0% who name their cat “Mr. Whiskers” work in a creative field.