Bigger Wastes of Money than the $1,800 Trash Bag

Interested in Balenciaga’s $1,790 handbag that looks just like a Hefty CinchSak?  We won’t judge.  In fact, it’s a much smarter purchase than anything from today’s list of Bigger Wastes of Money than the $1,800 Trash Bag.

  • A one-year anniversary gift for Ben and J-Lo.
  • Peacock Plus.
  • Crypto!  Crypto!  Crypto!
  • Brittney Griner’s jersey from today through 2031.
  • A car alarm for your 2002 Jetta.
  • A Vrbo in Ukraine.
  • Tickets to anything Nic Cage has been in since 1998.
  • Aaron Rodgers’ urine for your drug test.