Signs Your Coworker “Quietly Quit”

 We learned a new word today:  “quiet quitting” . . . when you do as little as possible at the office without getting fired.  Now comes the fun part . . . finding out if you work alongside a quiet quitter by using today’s list of Signs Your Coworker “Quietly Quit”.

  • It’s been weeks since he stole copy paper.
  • The title of her last PowerPoint was “Whatever.”
  • He clocks out at 5 p.m.  Unlike a hard worker like you, who clocks out at 5:04.
  • She stopped raking that stupid “zen garden” on her desk.
  • He quit turning down the volume when he surfs porn.
  • All she wrote in Frank from Accounting’s birthday card is “Happy Birthday.”
  • Half of his report is regular paper.  The other half is three-hole punch.
  • The to-do list on his whiteboard just says “Phone it in.”
  • The kitten on the “Hang in There” poster in her cubicle let go.
  • When you ask if he’s working hard or hardly working, he barely laughs.  And, c’mon . . . that’s HILARIOUS.