Want A Higher Salary? Be More Active On Twitter

A new study reveals executives who self-promote regularly on Twitter are more likely to receive job offers with high salaries than those who don’t promote their brand online. Study co-author Andrew Whinston – a professor of information, risk, and operations management at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin – says that executives who promoted their expertise and qualifications on Twitter were 32 percent more likely to attract higher-paying job offers after interviews.

Researchers warn, however, that there can be risks to this social strategy. Poorly-written tweets can backfire on executive candidates if hiring managers don’t like what they see. They could also face backlash from the public if they perceive them to be too self-promoting.

On the other hand, when executives are spot-on with their self-promotion, it elevates their credibility and sets them apart from potential competitors. Researchers also found that tweeting has more tangible, longer-term effects in the form of better job opportunities and higher overall earnings. “People who are actively self-promoting on Twitter will benefit from doing that,” says Whinston in a university release.