Things That Are Too Brutally Honest to Say Out Loud

57% of people think life would be better if we always spoke our mind.  But I think even they’d cringe over anything from today’s list of Brutally Honest Things to Say That Are Too Brutally Honest to EVER Say.

  • Wow, your baby’s ugly.
  • I love the dog more than you.
  • I stay late at the office so I can sniff chairs.
  • I’m only at this high school reunion to see who’s fat.
  • I spent the weekend drunkenly surfing OnlyFans.  You?
  • Parenthood sucks.  Hard.
  • Welcome to Chipotle.  I have the stomach flu.
  • I want everyone on this Zoom to know I’m not wearing pants.
  • I’m just marrying you because you’re pregnant.