Situations When You Should ALWAYS Apologize

Per a new survey, 45% of people think men don’t say sorry enough and 20% say the same about women.  But there are certain times when an apology is not only expected, it’s required.  See what we mean with today’s list of Situations When You Should ALWAYS Apologize.

  • When a woman says “I’m not pregnant” after you nod at her stomach and ask “Boy or girl?”
  • When the customer behind you says “This is the ’15 items or less’ line” after you put your 187th can of cat food on the conveyer belt.
  • When grandma has a heart attack after you trigger her pacemaker by pulling the ol’ “joy buzzer” prank.
  • When pills clatter all over the sink after you open your host’s medicine cabinet while using their bathroom.
  • When your 8-year-old bursts into tears after you hit him with that Draw 4-card in a game of Uno.
  • When you’re a middle-aged man with a ponytail and . . .  No, that’s it.  Just straight-up apologize for this.  Period.