Excuses Guys Always Use to Avoid Housework

 A new survey found that only 21% of men do housework each day compared to 49% of women.  Making this gigantic gap even worse:  the ridiculous excuses men use to avoid cleaning up around the home.  See what we mean with today’s list of Lame Excuses Guys Always Use to Avoid Housework.

  • You’re so much better at it than me.
  • I don’t know where the Swiffer is.
  • Can’t . . . allergies.
  • I don’t see any dust.
  • What if I step on the broom, rack myself with the handle, and now I can’t have children?
  • I never put anything back in the right place.
  • You’re the one who wanted a cat.
  • I’m too tired from dealing with the societal pressure to be the breadwinner.
  • But I wanted to use paper plates.
  • I thought this is why we had kids?