How To Keep Your Smartphone From Overheating

Don’t leave your phone in your car: Avoid leaving your device in your car, which can get searingly hot. According to Apple, iPhones should never be stored in places where temperatures are above 113 degrees

Avoid playing games or shooting video: Our phones tend to heat up on their own when we use graphics-intensive applications that tax its processor. Examples include playing video games, streaming video or using the device’s camera to record footage. Using your phone’s GPS tracking or navigation system while driving also raises a device’s temperature. 

Close apps that you’re not using: Apps like GPS, maps and others continue working in the background and can sap the processor unless you exit the programs. So close all applications that are running but that you’re not actively using.

Remove your phone’s case: Remove the case that holds your device, as it can trap heat inside your phone and prevent it from cooling down.