Things You Never Want to Hear from a 911 Operator

A 911 operator in Canada suggested a woman “wake up” an intruder she found sleeping in her home.  So, we can add her terrible advice to today’s list of Things You Never Want to Hear from a 911 Operator.

  • My shift ends in three minutes.  Can you call back then?
  • So . . . what are you wearing?
  • Well, of course a “stranger” is in your home.  You didn’t bother to ask his name.
  • “Can” I send an ambulance?  Yes.  “Will” I send an ambulance?  Depends on how much what it’s worth to you.
  • Slow down, Debbie Drama.  You’re ruining my buzz.
  • Paramedics are unavailable at this time.  But I CAN send a faith healer.
  • You sound really freaked out right now.  Can I put you on speaker so everyone else in the call center can hear?