The Best Baseball Seats

Baseball’s All-Star Game was last night, and the second half of the season starts tomorrow.  So here’s a question:  What’s the best place to SIT when you’re watching a baseball game?

A fantasy baseball site polled thousands of its users.  And the two picks with the most votes include some of the most expensive seats . . . and the very CHEAPEST.  Here’s how people voted . . .

1.  Right behind the dugout with 28% of the vote.

2.  On your COUCH with a big screen TV.  23% voted for that one.  Even better than cheap, they’re FREE.

3.  Behind home plate, 21%.

4.  Club level, 11%.  They’re between the upper and lower decks, and come with amenities like unlimited food. 

5.  Out in the bleachers, 6%.  That’s where the REAL fans are.

6.  At a bar with friends, 4%.

7.  Way up in the upper deck, 3%. 

(Luxury box seats weren’t an option in the poll.)