“Shocking” Ice Cream Survey Results

A new survey finds that 16% of us only eat ice cream when it’s warm outside.  In honor of National Ice Cream Month, enjoy more from today’s list of Shocking Ice Cream Survey Results.

  • 46% count the cherry on the sundae as their fruit serving for the day.
  • 2% have been at McDonald’s when the ice cream machine is actually working.
  • 87% of guys who drive ice cream trucks have no business being around our kids.
  • 92% say their favorite ice cream topping is more ice cream.
  • 61% of moms whose kids get ice cream use the phrase, “Hurry, before it melts!”
  • 55% who finish a pint of ice cream after a break-up also own a cat.
  • 48% just ask Baskin Robbins for a bunch of free samples then leave without buying anything.
  • 100% ignore that Coldstone Creamery tip cup.