Canadian Woman Finds Intruder Sleeping On Her Couch And 911 Dispatcher Suggests Waking Him Up

A Canadian woman is livid that a call to 911 ended in her getting dangerous advice.

Angela Chalmers woke up early Monday morning to the sound of her dogs barking. When she went to check on the commotion, Chalmers found and intruder sleeping on her couch. She went back upstairs where she and her roommate barricaded themselves in a room.

Angela called 911 and she notes the dispatcher said “the police were really busy and would we mind going downstairs and waking him up ourselves?” Obviously Chalmers and the roommate didn’t do that and police came 20 minutes later.

It took four officers to get the aggressive man out of the house. Now the dispatcher’s request to approach the intruder is being looked at by the police department.