A Company Locked an Employee’s Computer Remotely When She Stepped Away to Grab a Snack

 Just a reminder that you can still be micromanaged while working from home:  A single mom in Texas went on TikTok to complain about how her company SPIES on everyone through their webcams.

It’s a place that does customer service for the financial tech company Klarna.  And her computer recently got locked remotely when she stepped away to get a snack.

She was still on camera, but in the background in her kitchen.  When she got back to her computer, her screen was locked.  And there was a message telling her to contact her supervisor, because they noticed she wasn’t at her desk.

She explained in a video that she’s not allowed to turn her webcam off, and called them out for it.  Then her company saw the posts and FIRED her.

Someone at corporate apparently put a hold on that, and said she was only suspended.  But they DID eventually fire her after she more or less trashed the company in multiple videos.