Passive-Aggressive Things Coworkers Say When You Wear Something Inappropriate to the Office

 A poll finds that the most inappropriate things people wear to work include gym clothes, overalls, and Crocs.  What do you say to someone who violates the office dress code? Try one of these on for size:

  • Laundry day?
  • Well, someone’s embracing her curves!
  • I LOVE that top!  Where’s the bottom?
  • I can cover your shift if you want to sneak home and change.
  • Why don’t you work in the stock room today?
  • Don’t worry.  Sometimes I forget I no longer work from home, too.
  • May I take a picture of you for HR?
  • I know you’re in the office, but why don’t you use Zoom for today’s meeting.
  • I wish I had your body positivity.
  • Just a friendly reminder:  Most people wear pants to work.