A Wordle Board Game Will Be Out in Time for Christmas

Expect this to be the hot Christmas gift for everyone who’s still obsessed with this game . . .

A new board game version of WORDLE is coming.  “The New York Times” owns the rights and partnered with Hasbro for it.

It’s called Wordle: The Party Game, and it’s basically the same as the one you play online.  But you’re competing against other people.

One person knows what the five-letter word is, and everyone else has six chances to guess it.  It comes with dry-erase boards to write on, and little green-and-yellow tiles to cover the letters with.

There are four ways to play:  Classic mode . . . fast mode, where it’s a race . . . timed mode, where you have to beat the clock . . . and team mode, where you’re grouped up.

You can pre-order it on Amazon for $20, and it ships in October.  Target will also have it eventually.