Are These the Most “Craveable” Fast-Food Burgers?

I guess Harold and Kumar were onto something.  White Castle might not have the BEST burgers in the world, but maybe the most “craveable.”

A company that tracks consumer habits went through their stats to find the most craveable fast-food burgers.  Here are the top ten . . .

1.  White Castle burgers.  They’re steamed, not grilled.

2.  Krystal.  They serve mini burgers too.  Most of their stores are in the South.

3.  Burger King.  Believe it or not, McDonald’s did NOT make the top ten.

4.  Whataburger.

5.  Smashburger.

6.  In-N-Out.

7.  Carl’s Jr.

8.  Red Robin.

9.  Shake Shack.

10.  Five Guys.