Personality Profile: What Your Dreams Mean

According to a new study by Sleep Seeker 

Snakes … Snake dreams can represent a rebirth and moving on.  The snake is also representative of a toxic person or situation in your life that you’re trying to escape from.

Being Chased … Dreams of being chased can indicate fear, close-mindedness or avoidance in your everyday life.

Dogs – Dreams or nightmares about dogs can depend on the dog’s mood in your dream. Happy dogs can represent recovery or nurturing from a loved one, while dreams about aggressive dogs indicate communication issues.

Cats … Being scratched by a cat in your dream can indicate feelings of being threatened while interacting with a happy cat can represent fertility, love or landing back on your feet after a tough situation.

Pregnancy  … Your pregnancy dreams could be an indicator of growth in your life, nurturing career opportunities, or they could symbolize starting again.

Flying … If you dream about flying, this represents freedom or the desire to have freedom from a situation. If you are flying with ease in your dream this could be symbolic of you regaining control.

Hair Falling Out …A dream about your hair falling out could mean that you are concerned about getting older and having to deal with everything that comes with aging including hair loss.

Falling …Dreams about falling mean that you are feeling inadequate or are losing control

Crashing a car … Dreams about crashing mean you might be feeling guilty about something that you have done in the past.