Gucci Introduces Dog Line Featuring $460 Poop Bag & More

We all know most dog owners love to spoil their furbabies, and now Gucci is taking advantage of that. The designer brand has just come out with a new pet collection that lets those with extra cash give their pooches or cats nothing but the very best and a very steep price. 

The fashion house just came out with their 2022 Gucci Pet Collection, which includes such items as a $7,500 made-to-order chaise-lounge-inspired bed, a $500 leash and even a $460 bag to collect poop.  But that’s not all. There’s also $895 bowl covers, Gucci house monogramed pet carriers for $4,050 and travel bowl set with Gucci- case for $4,250. There’s also T-shirts, hats and more.

And the items come in a whole bunch of materials including leather, canvas, web strip prints and more. The company is promoting the line with an adorable campaign featuring dogs decked out in their designer gear. It even gives cats some Gucci love.