Tips for a Perfect Summer Getaway

It’s the first day of summer.  In other words, it’s VACAY!!  And just in time to help with your travel planning, we present today’s list of Tips for a Perfect Summer Getaway.

  • Save money on airfare by storing your kid in the overhead compartment.
  • Make sure your passport photo is up-to-date.  Unless you look fat.
  • Buy travel insurance in case you have a sudden change of spouses.
  • Carry your possessions in a fanny pack.  And, if you’re over 50, continue to carry your possessions in a fanny pack.
  • Avoid destinations packed with annoying, gross tourists.  So, Orlando.
  • Leave space in your luggage for gifts that will do nothing to change how much coworkers hate you.
  • Duh . . . leave your family at home!