Random Facts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on Sunday, so here are some random facts about it for you . . .

1.  There are about 1.5 billion fathers worldwide . . . and more than 70 million dads in the U.S.

2.  In the 1920s and ’30s, there was a movement to COMBINE Mother’s Day and Father’s Day into a unified Parents’ Day.

3.  Father’s Day was officially made a U.S. holiday in 1972, when President Nixon set aside the third Sunday in June for dads.

4.  Father’s Day is the fourth largest holiday for greeting cards, behind Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

5. ​ Americans are expected to spend more than $20 BILLION on Father’s Day gifts this year.  But that still pales in comparison to Mother’s Day.  We spent $31.7 BILLION on gifts for Mom earlier this year.

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