How To Break Free From Phone Dependence

1.   Find a hobby that involves using your hands. Some examples are sewing, cooking, karaoke, weight lifting, drawing, and journaling.

2.   Get distance from your phone. Do not be afraid to take a chance, and start going places without your phone. It is going to feel unusual and uncomfortable at first.

3.   When at work, try putting your phone on airplane mode and leaving it that way for a certain number of hours. (Unless, of course, you use your phone for work.)

4.   Support groups are helpful for people who are trying to resist any type of compulsive behavior. People have been using support groups to control compulsive behaviors for decades. Why would we not use them to help with cell phone overuse?

5.   When you have company over, put your phone to the side, and put it on silent. This is also good if you are on a date.

6.   Try meditation. Meditation really helps people stay in the moment and become more mindful.

7.   Put your phone in another room when you go to sleep at night.