Signs Your Kid Needs to Spend More Time Outdoors

A new survey shows just how much parents loved playing outside when they were young.  Their kids?  Not so much.  Find out if your kid belongs to this nature-deprived generation with today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Signs Your Kid Needs to Spend More Time Outdoors.

  • When you read him “Goodnight Moon” he says, “What’s a ‘moon’?”
  • He thinks the Grand Canyon is something you order at Denny’s.
  • Her reaction to a pinecone?  “What kind of dog poops like that?!”
  • His favorite place to visit in the Metaverse is “The Woods.”
  • She thinks the living room window is just a big TV tuned to a show where not much happens.
  • When you show him an apple tree, he goes, “Computers grow on trees?!”
  • The only time she ever felt the wind was from Pap Pap on chili night.