Brutally Honest Worker Survey Results

A survey found that 66% of workers prefer a raise over extra time off.  Think that’s surprising, wait until you find out what else they said with today’s list of the Brutally Honest Worker Survey Results.

  • 71% think that picture of your family on your desk is ugly.
  • 67% think reheating fish in the break room microwave is grounds for dismissal.
  • 61% used someone else’s urine to pass their drug test.
  • 54% steal K-cups.
  • 0% achieve Zen using that tiny wooden rake and sandbox on their desk.
  • 91% bicycle to work just so they can walk into the office wearing those tight shorts that show off their junk.
  • 74% called in with “long COVID” when in fact they were just hungover.
  • 100% stay late just to avoid their spouse.