Lies We Tell Ourselves While We’re Dieting

91% of us have tried to lose weight in our lives.  While some succeeded . . . and others failed . . . we all have one thing in common:  the lies we told ourselves while we were doing it.  See what we mean with today’s list of Lies We Tell Ourselves While We’re Dieting.

  • This one is going to stick.
  • Yogurt and bean sprouts for dinner again?  Mmm-mmm!
  • I look so much hotter now that I’m thin.
  • I already see a difference in my face!
  • Three weeks of salads to lose one pound?  Totally worth it!
  • Light Beer is just as good as regular beer.
  • Okay, I’ll just have one M&M.
  • I’ll never be fat again.
  • I’ll never eat chocolate again.
  • Once I’m thin, so many people will want to have sex with me.