Signs You’re Way Too into the Early 2000s

According to trendwatchers, Y2K fashion is back in style.  But that era was about so much more than Ed Hardy, tiny purses, and low-rise jeans.  See what we mean with today’s list of Signs You’re Way Too into the Early 2000s.

  • Your second form of I.D. is a Blockbuster card.
  • You asked your barber for “Justin Timberlake ramen hair.”
  • You still consider Lindsay Lohan a movie star.
  • You play “Wordle” on a Nintendo DS.
  • You’re boycotting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until it inducts the Jonas Brothers.
  • You’re waiting for “Top Gun Maverick” to come out on DVD.
  • Whenever Bryan Cranston pops up in something, you say “Hey, it’s the ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ dad!”
  • You don’t recognize Miley Cyrus without the wig.
  • You still think Johnny Depp is a normal, down-to-earth guy.