Things You Never Want to Hear During Sex

An “Adam & Eve” poll finds that the number of people who talk dirty in bed is at an all-time low.  But as offensive as salty language is, there are far worse things that can be said in the sack.  Like anything on today’s list of Things You Never Want to Hear During Sex.

  • “That will cost extra.”
  • “You’re okay if I record this, right?”
  • “That’s it?!”
  • “Can you do that thing with your finger . . . where you call an Uber and get out of here?”
  • “Please. . . leave the lights off!”
  • “The condom broke.  Kidding!  I never put one on.”
  • “Don’t put down your phone.  This will be quick.”
  • “I haven’t laughed this hard in years.”
  • “Oops.”