These Habits Are Making You More Irritable

  • Not going outside all day: Staying inside all day has a negative effect on mood.
  • Skipping lunch: According to the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, “It is well known that unhealthy eating patterns can cause mood swings. Blood sugar fluctuations and nutritional imbalances are often to blame.”
  • Being overly responsive to our phones: All these distractions divert our attention, concentration, and focus, leading to feelings of overwhelm.
  • Reading or watching emotionally draining things before bed: Whether it’s doom-scrolling social media and taking on the the mental shrapnel of the day’s latest depressing news or watching the latest installment of your favorite true crime series, both can take a toll on your mood.
  • Drinking too close to bedtime: While it can initially cause a feeling of relaxation and help you fall asleep, it reduces rapid eye moment (REM) sleep, which is the most restorative.