Women Are Seen As More Attractive When Wearing High Heels

Some stereotypes will never go away. Bucknell University researchers surveyed nearly 500 participants, who were asked to rate a silhouette of a woman wearing high heels, and another of a woman without high heels.

The majority of participants rated the woman in the heels as being more sexually attractive, physically attractive, feminine and of higher status. However, female participants rated both women as having a higher status regardless of the shoe she was wearing, and male participants rated the women as having higher short- and long-term mating potential regardless of the shoe she was wearing.

Also, researchers note that the women in high heels were NOT rated as being more dominant, strong, warm, enthusiastic, trustworthy, nurturing, socially competent, healthy, intelligent, affectionate, friendly or successful.

Researchers claim high heels do not seem to objectify and sexualize women as other articles of clothing and accessories do. They also added that the increased perception of attractiveness might have to do with changing the heel wearer’s lumbar (spinal) curve, which gives the breasts and buttocks a lift.