Signs You and a Friend Are Growing Apart

This is according to Psychology Today:

1. You don’t feel drawn to reaching out: One sign you and your friend are growing apart is a negative shift in how you feel about reaching out to them. Do you feel excited? Or do you find that the thought of reaching out creates a knot in your stomach, a slight sense of dread, vague indifference?

2. You’re not on the same page about how to spend time together: When you want to spend time together doing very different things.

3. Conversations feel stilted or repetitive: While many friendships rely on shared history and anecdotes, some may find that repetitive conversation is a sign that the friendship has begun to stagnate.

4. You feel drained after get-togethers: Just as how you feel reaching out to a friend is a good indicator of how that friendship feels. In friendships that are drifting apart, ending a get-together may feel like a relief.

5. Time goes by without connecting and that feels good: Time and distance from that friend feels good