Unwritten Women Rules

A list of “unwritten guy rules” is trending on Reddit.  So, in the name of equal rights, it’s only natural we balance it out with today’s list of Unwritten Women Rules.

  • There’s no such thing as too many pillows. 
  • The closer your friend, the louder you greet her by yelling the b-word.
  • Only share relationship issues with friends when reclining next to each other with fruit slices over your eyes.
  • Whenever you fantasize about a guy, imagine him with long hair on a horse.
  • Key rings must have at least three things that aren’t keys dangling from it.
  • If a friend looks good in an outfit, say “Cuuuuute.”  If a friend looks bad in an outfit, say “Cute.”
  • The point of a book club is to talk about the woman who didn’t make it to the book club.