Signs You’re Addicted To Tiktok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms, and a new study looks at who is most-likely to become addicted to the app. University of Trinidad and Tobago researchers analyzed 173 TikTok users and found 6.4 percent were at risk of being addicted to the app.

Those individuals tended to score higher on measures of loneliness and extraversion, and females were more likely to be addicted than males. They found the top signs of addiction were being restless, irritable, or anxious when being prohibited from using the app, and having strong feelings of sadness if they could not use the app.

Study leader Troy Smith says, “Although most users appear to use TikTok in a non-problematic manner, the study demonstrates that the risk of overuse and possible problematic use exists and is associated with addiction-like behaviors that can potentially negatively impact the daily lives of sufferers.” Researchers also say there are different signs of addiction when it comes to other social media platforms, such as Facebook.  (Daily Mail)