Great Things about Living on a Cruise Ship

The hottest trend with retirees . . . other than dying . . . is moving onto cruise ships.  Sound crazy?  We disagree.  Find out why with today’s list of the Great Things about Living on a Cruise Ship.

  • Around your 37th bout with norovirus, you develop a slight resistance.
  • Duh.  Chicks dig shuffleboard!
  • You spend all day whale watching.  And that’s just at the pool.
  • You get to visit Mexican resorts and dodge cartel crossfire.
  • Unlike your apartment building, when you vomit over the railing nobody suspects you’re drunk.
  • Crab legs NEVER get old.
  • According to a certain TV show, you’ll find love.  But then, according to a certain movie, you’ll hit an iceberg and die.