Americans Will Spend Over 400 Streaming Content This Year

These days folks have tons of options when it comes to what they want to watch, and because of it we are spending A LOT of time in front of our screens, but some may be over paying so much for content.

A new survey finds:

  • Americans will spend about 437 hours streaming content this year.
  • They are expected to stream over 290 movies or TV by the end of 2022.
  • But all this content isn’t cheap and many are thinking about making some changes.
  • In fact, 57% plan to cut some paid streaming services this year.
  • The average person will get rid of three out of five services.
  • Among the services folks are most likely to stop paying for:
    • Netflix and Amazon Prime (75%)
    • Satellite TV (61%)
    • Pay-per-view services like Apple iTunes (52%)
    • Cable TV (48%)
  • 60% say the most common reason they will cut services is due to changes in their financial situation.
  • Other reasons include:
    • A limited selection of titles (49%)
    • Lack of a user-friendly interface (34%)
    • Poor customer service (33%) 

So, what are people actually looking for in their streaming services? Well top factors include:

  • A wide library of content across different genres and subgenres (42%)
  • Free/affordable (38%)
  • Original content (37%)
  • The service has movies/shows everyone’s talking about (37%)
  • Content that reflects my community as it pertains to race, sexuality, religion, etc. (36%)
  • A user-friendly experience (33%)
  • Diverse content (32%)
  • Nostalgic/classic library content (30%)