It’s World Password Day! How Do You Keep Track of Yours?

It’s World Password Day, when you’re supposed to make sure all your passwords really are secure enough.  A new poll looked at how we keep track of them, and a lot of us still just rely on memory . . .

1.  Remember them.  55% of us do it with at least some of our passwords.

2.  Writing them down, 32%.  A separate survey found 40% of us have used Post-Its.

3.  Using a password manager.  30% of us use them now.

4.  Keeping track on your computer, 23%.  Like in your notes app, or a spreadsheet.

5.  Email, 20%.  Like emailing them to yourself, or relying on emails to change them when you forget.

Here are a few more quick stats:  85% of us still use the same password on multiple sites . . . 24% need to reset their passwords at least twice a week . . . and over half of us usually use passwords that are between 9 and 15 characters.

A report we saw back in March found anything under six characters is INSTANTLY crackable now.  In general, it takes at least 12 characters to be somewhat secure. 

(Help Net Security)