Want a Better Relationship? Share Chores.

To keep your significant other happy you’ll want to share and swap chores, finds a new study. University of Utah researchers analyzed the results of a bunch of surveys and found that couples who shared the same tasks reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction.

Study leader, professor Daniel Carlson says, “The number of equally shared tasks matters a great deal for both men’s and women’s relationship quality. Indeed, among recent cohorts, there is evidence to suggest that it matters as much if not more than each partner’s overall proportion of housework.”

This all suggests you should switch off household responsibilities, rather than each partner sticking to their assigned chores, and Carlson adds, “For both men and women, the number of equally shared tasks is associated with a greater likelihood of A) feeling their relationship is fair to both partners, B) feeling satisfied with their own housework arrangement, and C) feeling satisfied with the relationship overall.” Carlson speculates that this is because not all chores are created equally.