Strategies for When You’re Out to Eat with a Bad Tipper

Have you ever gone out to eat with someone, like maybe your parents, and they were nice enough to pay . . . but then left a really bad TIP? The magazine “Food & Wine” posted a few different strategies for dealing with it . . .

1.  “The Discreet Correction.”  That’s where you wait until you’re leaving, then go back and toss some extra cash on the table.  Just make sure you don’t get caught.  

2.  “Heading It Off at the Pass.”  Meaning they still pay, but YOU offer to leave the tip.  That one only works if you know they’re a bad tipper beforehand though.

3.  “The Gentle Explanation.”  Saying something like, “Hey, sorry.  I saw you left 10%.  I only noticed because my friend is a server, and I know how much they rely on tips.”

4.  “Full Scorched Earth.”  That one should only be used as a last resort, after a gentle explanation hasn’t helped.  Just make sure you really want to go there, because they’ll never offer to pay again.  (Food & Wine)