Easy but Fulfilling Life Goals (For People Who Can’t Think of Any)

62% of people want to accomplish more life goals in 2022 than ever before.  And then there are those of us who want to accomplish a life goal this year, but just don’t know what that life goal is.  Which is when we step in with today’s list of Easy but Fulfilling Life Goals for People Who Can’t Think of Any.

  • Get more sleep . . . by nagging Mike Tyson on an airplane.
  • Learn a skill that will exponentially enrich your life.  Like, siphoning gas.
  • Start keeping a diary.  And if your life isn’t interesting, follow a stranger every minute of the day and keep a diary about their life.
  • Eat more plants.  And smoke the rest.
  • Buy a parrot, teach it to curse, put it on TikTok and watch the views explode.  In other words, take advantage of a broken society.
  • Grow a mustache.  You too, fellas.
  • Pursue your passion.  Unless your passion is dating Johnny Depp or Amber Heard.  Then, don’t pursue your passion.