Things the T. Rex Would Say If It Was Brought Back to Life

10% of us want scientists to revive dinosaurs like in “Jurassic Park”or any of its 120 sequels.  But what happens after that?  Find out with today’s list of the . . . Things the T. Rex Would Say If It Was Brought Back to Life.

  • Anyone know where I can get a decent Neanderthal on rye?
  • Why am I all over your kid’s footy pajamas?
  • FYI, the “T” stands for “Tucker.”
  • Since when did Velociraptors start playing basketball?
  • Where’s Steven Spielberg?  That S.O.B. owes me residuals!
  • Can you itch my nose?  My arm won’t reach.
  • Fred Flintstone touched me.
  • Anyone want to buy an NFT of my footprint?
  • Barney?  Yeah, I did him.
  • Can I poop anywhere like Amber Heard?