Study Shows No Benefit To Intermittent Fasting Over Other Weight-Loss Plans

“Time-restricted eating” is often touted as a weight-loss tactic, but a new clinical trial finds it holds no benefits when done along with calorie-cutting.

Time-restricted eating is a form of intermittent fasting, in which people limit themselves to eating within a certain time window each day. Outside of that window, they swear off everything other than water or other calorie-free drinks.

Researchers in China found when a group of obese adults cut back on calories, with or without adding time-restricted eating, those in the fasting group showed no greater weight loss. But other experts note the study had limitations, including that both study groups were instructed to cut their daily calories by 25 percent, with support of an intensive program that involved health coaches and keeping daily food logs. This makes it hard to show an added benefit from layering time-restricted eating onto that.