Bill Murray Accused Of “Inappropriate Behavior”

Searchlight Pictures suspended production on “Being Mortal” over complaints about Bill Murray’s inappropriate behavior on set. The film that also featured Seth Rogen was supposed to be the directorial debut for Aziz Ansari

According to a letter Searchlight sent to the cast and crew, filming was suspended over an unspecified complaint. “Late last week, we were made aware of a complaint, and we immediately looked into it,” the note said. Though sources at the time indicated the production halt was not COVID-19 related, nor did it pertain to Aziz or Seth, it was ambiguous what caused the shutdown. The studio wouldn’t comment on the investigation.

Meanwhile, it’s not clear if Bill will stay on board the film, or if his role will be recast. Since principal photography started at the end of March, almost half of the movie had been shot before production was shut down.