Time and Temperature Hotlines Still Get Over a Million Calls a Month

This might blow your mind if you’re under 30 or so:  Calling a hotline to find out the TIME and TEMPERATURE use to be a thing people did.  But this part was news to me:  It’s actually STILL something a lot of people do.  Various hotlines around the U.S. continue to get over a million calls a month combined.  (???)

A writer for the “Tampa Bay Times” just did a big article on it after three hotlines relaunched in the Tampa Bay area.

Most of us check the time and temp by just LOOKING at our phone now, so it’s more of a novelty thing.  It used to be info we actually NEEDED and couldn’t easily get.

Hotlines have been popping back up in lots of cities, because die-hard fans are relaunching them and paying to keep them active.

One guy named John Lochridge brought a hotline in Dallas after it shut down in 2011.  Now he owns HUNDREDS of time-and-temp lines in other cities too, including New York, Chicago . . . and Deadhorse, Alaska, which has a population of about 50 people.

If you just google “time-and-temp hotline” in your area, there’s a decent chance you’ll find one.  They usually say something like, “Today is Friday, April 15th.  The current time is 11:04 A.M.  And the temperature is 63 degrees.”  Then it hangs up on you.

You might have to listen to an AD first, so that’s how they’re making money off it.  (That’s what happened when we called the Tampa Bay hotline at 813-622-1212.)