‘Scrunchy Moms’

People love to label each other. A new TikTok parenting trend sees people actually combining two parenting labels: “silky” and “crunchy.” Mix them together and you get “scrunchy.”

Donna Whittaker is an early childhood education expert and explains, “Silky parents are typically considered modern parents. They embrace modern conveniences in raising their children and do not feel guilty for their choices.” For silky parents, it’s all about making the most practical choice for their family—for example using “what modern medicine has to offer to help their child feel better” when they are sick. And when it comes to bedtime, silky parents prefer their child to sleep in their own bed.

But crunchy parents are the opposite. Whittaker explains, “People who are sometimes called tree huggers or hippies might be considered crunchy parents. They are connected to Earth and all things natural and want their child to be as well. Their child will be breastfed, wear cloth diapers, be introduced to herbs and essential oils when not feeling well and will eat home-grown or organic food.” Also, crunchy parents tend to welcome their child into their bed and will let the child decide when they are ready to sleep alone.

So scrunchy parents combine the two together. Whittaker explains, “A scrunchy parents may pick vegetables out of the backyard to make dinner on an uneventful Monday night, and then roll through the drive-thru on a super-busy and stressful Thursday night—and be at peace with both. […] Scrunchy parents have found what works best for their family and are OK with their choices. These parents are flexible and realize in life everything is not black and white; there is a lot of gray, especially in parenting.” She also notes that only you will know which style, if any, best fits your family’s needs,.