Fun “Facts” About Peeps

It’s one of our most popular Easter treats.  But how much do we really know about them?  Actually, a lot thanks to these possible-true Fun “Facts” about Peeps

  • The most popular color is pink.  The least popular is mucous.
  • Based on the current exchange rate, one of them is worth one-billionth of a Cadbury Creme Egg.
  • You can make one at home by rolling a Croc in sugar.
  • Because of their ability to rot your teeth, they’re also known as “whimsical meth.”
  • They only come out once a year because that’s how long they take to digest.
  • They were invented when someone asked, “How can we encourage kids to bite the head off a baby animal?”
  • If your kid’s excited about finding one in his Easter basket, you can start spending their college fund