1 in 6 Wordle Players Complete their Daily Puzzle on the Toilet!

Talk about stinky guesses. A new survey finds one in six American Wordle players like to complete their daily puzzle while sitting on the toilet!

In a poll of more than 1,000 Wordle players, researchers found the massively popular game has become a daily obsession for more than half the people who play it (54%). Another one in four people play Wordle multiple times a week.

According to the survey, it seems many people have Wordle on the brain right when they wake up. Over four in 10 respondents say they play the game on their phone first thing in the morning. In fact, only 13 percent wait until lunch and just 22 percent are able to hold off solving the day’s Wordle until the evening. Interestingly, those that do play at night seemingly all play at the same times.

The most common situations Americans turn to Wordle in are right before falling asleep (26%) or right after getting home from work (26%). One in four play right when they wake up in the morning and 16 percent take the game with them to the bathroom. Another 23 percent sneak in their daily round while at work. Luckily, Americans aren’t sitting on the toilet all day or neglecting their work – the poll finds around seven in 10 players take less than 10 minutes to finish the puzzle.