The Most Popular Baby Names Inspired By Fashion Brands

Parents can find inspiration for baby names in all sorts of places, and it seems there are plenty of moms and dads out there who have looked to their favorite fashion brands when deciding what to call their tot.

  • 24/7 Tempo has come out with a list of the most popular baby names inspired by fashion and beauty brands.
  • The list is based on both boy and girl names from 2000 to 2020.
  • Topping the list for both boys and girls is Armani, associated with the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, with over 9.000 babies in the U.S. getting the moniker Armani.

Top 10 Baby Names Inspired By Fashion & Beauty Brands
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  1. Armani
  2. Salvatore (as in Salvatore Ferragamo)
  3. Valentino
  4. Kenzo
  5. Cartier
  6. Manolo (as in Manolo Blahnik)
  7. Dior
  8. Omega
  9. Yves (as in Yves St. Laurent)
  10. Hermes