The Average American Walks Almost 6,000 Steps A Day

There are lots of ways to get exercise, and for a lot of people, that means walking. And it seems a lot of folks are doing all they can to get plenty of steps in each day.

A new poll finds:

  • 54% of Americans would rather walk to where they are going than use any mode of transportation.
  • 60% say they’d easily walk a mile before considering a different way to get to their location.
  • But many folks want to actually see how far they have walked.
  • 46% have used a step counter to track their walking.
  • The average person walks 5,900 steps a day, although most hope to increase that by more than 5,400 steps this year.
  • As for ways people go about upping their step count…
  • 34% will take the stairs, with 67% saying they climb tween three and eight flights of stairs each day.
  • Other common ways people get their steps in include:
    • Exercising (43%)
    • Going for walks (41%)
    • Running errands (36%)
    • Walking their dog/pet (34%)
  • Of course, walking isn’t necessarily easy for everyone.
  • The top things keeping people from getting their steps in include:
    • Chronic pain (33%)
    • Uncomfortable footwear (31%)
    • Pain from standing all day at work (31%)