More people in Ukraine are paying the price of Russia’s invasion.  The country’s president is just hours from addressing the UN Security Council about what he calls a massacre in one city.  Volodymyr Zelensky blames Russian troops for killing 300 civilians before they withdrew and fears the death toll will rise after all liberated areas are checked.  He also warned Russia will try to cover up the truth but says they won’t be able to deceive the world.

The sports world is congratulating the new men’s basketball national champions. 

New details are unfolding about an arrest connected to a mass shooting in California. 

Colorado is now the 16th state protecting the right for women to get an abortion. 

Mother Nature isn’t done with the South just yet.  Several states are bracing for more storms and possible tornadoes.  Texas got hit yesterday with rain, flooding and high winds.  Today, the threat moves into Alabama, Georgia and maybe even South Carolina.  The weather will continue over the next two days, expanding to Tennessee as well.  Last month was the worst March ever for tornadoes after back-to-back outbreaks two weeks in a row.

 Burger King is being taken to court over its most famous sandwich.  A lawsuit filed in Florida claims the fast food chain is advertising the Whopper as a bigger item than it really is.  The suit claims the size of other menu items are also misleading and overstated by as much as 35-percent.  The case lists a number of YouTube and Twitter users who have voiced the same complaint.

State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Rush Township, said on Monday that he will introduce legislation to prohibit individuals convicted of domestic violence crimes from serving in the Pennsylvania legislature.

Jerry Sandusky is asking a federal court to vacate his decade-old conviction on child sexual abuse charges and order a new trial.

The former Penn State football assistant coach and Second Mile charity founder’s new attorney, Edward J. Rymsza, filed a petition with the U.S. Middle District Court of Pennsylvania on Monday that claims numerous instances of ineffective counsel before and during Sandusky’s June 2012 trial.

A man who crashed his vehicle in Ferguson Township on Monday afternoon died at the scene, according to township police.


Penn State Softball’s Doubleheader At Ohio State Rescheduled for Tuesday, April 19th.

The Big Ten conference announced Monday that senior Ally Kurland was named Big Ten Player of the Week. It’s the first weekly honor for the senior, who put up massive numbers at the plate last week.

The sports world is congratulating the new men’s basketball national champions.  The Kansas Jayhawks won their fourth NCAA Tournament title last night in a historic comeback.  They trailed by 15 at halftime but went on to beat North Carolina 72-to-69.  The head coach says that made the victory even more special and it’s better than he ever imagined.  Kansas fans flooded a street that runs through downtown and they’re still celebrating.