Ways to Make Your House Smell Better without Candles

The average person spends $221 a year to make their home smell better, and it’s usually on candles.  But there are cheaper to Make Your House Smell Better without Candles. Here are a few of them:

  • Get rid of the bodies in your basement
  • Leave out bowls of potpourri.  Just don’t mistake them for veggie chips.
  • Crack the windows on those rare days your neighbor ISN’T brewing meth.
  • Duh.  Take a shower for once.
  • Blast your shag carpeting with Axe Body Spray.  (Applicable to D-bags only.)
  • Stop inviting old people over.
  • Hang one of those pine trees that Uber drivers use to mask the stench of vomit.
  • Just rub Vicks under your nostrils and continue living like a pig.