Key Steps to Preventing Bad Moods

1. Tune into physical body sensations: If after an event or interaction or email, you feel your heart beat faster, your stomach sink, or your thoughts racing, these are signals that you need to slow down and go inward.

2. Ask yourself this question: What is my body communicating to me? Likely something happened in your environment or a thought came to mind that is bothering you.

3. Invite in what is upsetting you: The way your co-worker spoke to you, your momÕs criticism of your work, your dogÕs hyperactivity: No matter how mundane or trivial the trigger appears to you, do not negate it.

4. Validate yourself: Literally make sense of your feelings. Find a reason why what you feel makes sense. There’s something true in our emotions.

5. Soothe the emotion: Find a few phrases that make this part of yourself feel better.

6. Take behavioral action: What can you do that will help you to feel better? You can talk to a friend, journal, or exercise, or maybe you just need to eat or sleep. Sometimes the best action to take is to accept the feelings and the situation as it is and turn it over to the universe, accepting that you only have so much control.