Car Repairs We’re Most Likely to Ignore

When something on your car needs fixing, do you do it right away . . . or wait until the issue becomes urgent?

Here are the ten car repairs we ignore the most, according to a new poll . . .

1.  Checking to see if your battery needs to be replaced soon.

2.  Replacing old windshield wipers.

3.  Replacing old brakes.

4.  Coolant levels.

5.  Replacing old tires that don’t have enough tread.

6.  Rotating your tires.

7.  Checking transmission fluid.

8.  Getting your oil changed.

9.  Replacing old shocks.

10.  Fixing turn signals, brake lights, and headlights that burned out.

61% of people said someone else is more likely to notice a problem with their car before they do.  The most common people who might give you a heads up are your partner or spouse . . . your parent . . . and your mechanic.  (SWNS)